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Company Introduction


How are you?
Welcome to Melbrin Korea, Inc.

We, Melbrin Korea Co., Ltd, have been established to specialize in power semiconductors and electronic components in the rapidly changing power electronics field and to partner with technology change and prosperity.

We provide solutions for all industries including renewable energy, motor drives, UPS, and power supply.
We will do our best to supply the best products that can be applied to a wider range of applications such as Automotive, Aerospace, etc.

In addition, Melbrin Korea Co., Ltd. will be a valuable partner to our customers with excellent information and differentiated services to our customers in the rapidly changing technology development.
We will do our best to reward our customers.

Thank you.

Melbrin Korea Co., Ltd | Address : 1065, Chungjeol-ro, Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea   
Tel : +82-(0)31-360-0262    Fax : +82-(0)31-360-0260
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